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Sheri Fitzpatrick accepts nomination to the Utah Association of REALTORS'® Legislative Committee  
  By Michael Blackburn  

Salt Lake City, Utah / February 11, 2006 / Press Release -- The Utah Association of Realtors® sets the bar for high standards, ethics and integrity for Utah’s real estate market.  For Realtors, the Utah Association of Realtors® is the voice of reason, logic and commitment to an excellence that is inline with high standards forged by the National Association of Realtors® .

The Utah Association of Realtors®  consistently seeks board members with a willingness to demonstrate characteristics that embody the persona of not only a person that facilitates the buying and selling of real estate but also has genuine interest and concerns within the real estate market and community as it directly affects the state of Utah. 

Such characteristics were found in Sheri Fitzpatrick, a Utah licensed REALTOR®  and CEO of Perfect Home Living.  Fitzpatrick’s dedication and proactive approach to combating mortgage fraud has led her opinion and research to be called upon by Utah State Legislators and Senators and thus was viewed as the type of leadership traits that the Utah Association of Realtors®  seeks out in its members.

Fitzpatrick joins a board of professionals that span from some of Utah’s finest real estate boutiques and nationally franchised real estate companies.  “The ability to work with such an elite group of real estate professionals in Utah is an extraordinary opportunity and I look forward to working on issues that have such a direct impact on Utah’s real estate community,” said Fitzpatrick.

The Utah Association of Realtors'® Legislative Board is made up of 50 of Utah’s finest Realtors® , 36 of which are men and 14 are women. 

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