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Utah State Representative Paul Ray forges new alliance in the War on Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud  

Salt Lake City, November 1, 2005 / Press Release / --The State of Georgia has set the precedence but the State of Utah will raise the bar when it comes to stomping out mortgage and real estate fraud.  By direction of Utah State Representative Paul Ray - (R) Clinton, Utah has positioned itself to be the next to pen sweeping legislative reform concerning the governance of mortgage brokers and those parties operating within the loan origination process.  

In his committed efforts to combat mortgage fraud, State Rep Ray has asked that Utah’s licensed real estate professionals serve a cause higher than themselves and to recognize that Utah families are of the highest priority.  State Rep. Ray’s comments come on the heels of his calling for funding of a special prosecutor in the 2006 legislative session. 

“Utah is a great state known for its diversity – people of all races, religions and nationalities,” says Rep. Ray.  “Families come here to live a better life, seek affordable housing and pursue financial stability.  This becomes shattered when real estate industry professionals involve unsuspecting Utah families in mortgage and real estate fraud schemes,” he said.  

Rep Ray’s campaign for unified relations within Utah’s real estate industry of professionals has led his office to embrace the cavalier work ethics of Perfect Home Living’s CEO Sheri Fitzpatrick.  Sheri Fitzpatrick, a Utah REALTOR® who has infiltrated an organized mortgage fraud ring operating primarily in Utah with operations on-going in: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Ohio Texas and Wyoming, has seen first hand the damage that is caused by perpetrators of mortgage and real estate fraud.   

“Our day to day operations at Perfect Home Living enable us to help families facing foreclosure: first time homebuyers; single family mothers; law enforcement and military personnel.  In Utah, notices of defaults and foreclosures set at the heart of business dependency for criminals involved in mortgage and real estate fraud.  Reaching those families before the criminal element does is critical,” Sheri said.  “From the political side State Rep. Ray has raised the bar of challenge for those in positions of authority to take notice and to make change.  Mortgage fraud hurts all Utahns by way of higher mortgage loan origination fees, higher interest rates and higher forms of taxes.  It’s time that Utah as a professional community come together and support one another and State Rep Ray has been instrumental in leading that charge,” she added.      

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