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Sheri Fitzpatrick nominated for REALTOR® of the YEAR  
  By Michael Blackburn  

Salt Lake City, Utah / February 15, 2006 / Press Release --  Mention the words mortgage fraud and the name Sheri Fitzpatrick is sure to pop up somewhere in the conversation and for good reason.  Fitzpatrick a licensed Utah Realtor®, teaching instructor and the originator of facilitating Mortgage Fraud Town Hall Meetings in Utah is also a dedicated mother of three. 

During business hours she works closely with lenders and their fraud divisions to liquidate assets involved in mortgage fraud.  She also assists Utah families facing foreclosure by educating them to common pitfalls families face in working with foreclosure rescue scam artists that often lead to different areas of fraud such as identity theft. 

But by and large it has been Fitzpatrick’s work to stop mortgage fraud that has caught the attention of Attorney General’s around the nation.  Her working with the FBI led to the creation of several public services announcements that addressed mortgage fraud and in her role as CEO of Perfect Home Living a company she created after being victimized by a Utah mortgage fraud enterprise, has led to countless speaking engagements to address the issue of mortgage fraud.    

But its her latest accolade in a long list of achievements that seems to bring a woman that often commands center attention humbly forward.  It was announced that Fitzpatrick would become a nominee for Realtor® of the Year for the Weber North Davis Association of Realtors® in northern Utah. 

“When you take that oath as a REALTOR® there can be so many different interpretations as to what that really means,” said Fitzpatrick.  “To me there’s a sense of pride, integrity and a client allegiance that makes being a REALTOR® such a privilege.  And I am truly honored and humbled to be nominated for such an esteemed title as REALTOR® of the year,” she added. 

Utah ranks fourth in the nation for mortgage fraud preceded only by Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.  To learn more about Sheri Fitzpatrick’s efforts to combat mortgage fraud please visit her online at:

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