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Sheri Fitzpatrick receives Top Honor for combating Mortgage Fraud  
  By Michael Blackburn  

Salt Lake City, Utah / August 1, 2006 / Press Release --  The Madison's Who's Who Directory has long since been a prominent registry of tomorrow's most gifted and talented business leaders within a wide range of vertical markets.  This highly sought after members only club has inducted names recognizable the world over and today, Madison's Who's Who has inducted Sheri Fitzpatrick, CEO of Perfect Home Living into its hallowed halls for her continuing commitment to remove mortgage fraud from Utah's real estate market.

Fitzpatrick's efforts to combat mortgage fraud in Utah has led her to spearhead the formation of Perfect Home Living, an organization that includes Utah's best and brightest concerned in taking a stand against mortgage fraud within Utah's real estate market.

"The reality of this honor is overwhelming and certainly I am grateful to be apart of such an influential group of my peers.  Through the years I have watched my professional colleagues earn the right to be inducted into the Madison's Who's Who family, and to find myself as an alumni of such a prestigious group has let me know that our work here in Utah is far and wide reaching," said Fitzpatrick.

Additionally Fitzpatrick, a highly sought after real estate broker in the state of Utah has recently been tapped to head up North Star Realty's office location in West Jordan, UT as Branch Broker.

"My career has been blessed with tremendous support and backing from Utah, her consumers and business sectors.  As we continue building upon our relationships with some of today's largest financial institutions worldwide, we will continue to pledge our support of client loyalty and uphold the creed of professional conduct as set by the ethics of the National Association of Realtors," Fitzpatrick added. 

For ethical and licensed real estate professionals in Utah, Sheri Fitzpatrick is now recruiting for the West Jordan office location.  For more information please contact her via phone at 801.668.3389 Monday thru Friday. 


About Perfect Home Living 

Perfect Home Living assists in implementing programs and providing training to financial lenders as well as educating Utah's consumers and licensed professionals to red flags within Utah's real estate market.   For more information or to request assistance please visit us online at:

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