2011 Press Release  
Jamis Johnson, Lyle Smith and Ronald W. Haycock  - Guilty  

By: Staff Writer
For Immediate Release  
Jamis Melwood Johnson - Guilty on 27 Counts and Prison Bound    

Salt Lake City, UT / March 18, 2011 / Press Release / --  As the jury returned its verdict of guilty, it was the office of Perfect Home Living that erupted in shouts of joy as its senior officers led by Executive Director, Sheri Fitzpatrick finally breathed a sigh of relief.  Jamis Melwood Johnson, a disbarred attorney and one of three men at the center of one of Utah's largest mortgage fraud schemes in the state's history was finally brought to justice six years after Perfect Home Living brought the case to the attention of the US Attorney and the Salt Lake Field Office of the FBI. 

In what has been hailed as an astounding victory for the state of Utah in its on-going fight against financial frauds within the real estate sector, the return of a 27-count guilty verdict for Jamis Johnson brought to an end of an era of financial crimes that spanned the entire state of Utah and beyond.    

"There are so many victims in this one and certainly many more that we simply will never know about," says Ms. Fitzpatrick.  "For these three men, Jamis Johnson, Lyle Smith and Ronald William Haycock Sr. the long road of their criminal enterprise is finally over," Ms. Fitzpatrick continued. 

Haycock, Johnson and Smith transformed their knowledge of real estate into transactions that were marred with financial frauds affecting countless communities, financial institutions and consumers.  While the main operations of the trio's real estate dealings were conducted under the name of Lawrence Skinner and Associates, it was a signature calling card to use multiple LLC's created in some cases by unsuspecting speculative investors which allowed Johnson, Haycock and Smith to launder monies obtained from illegal funds received through fraudulent real estate transactions. 

 Haycock, Smith and Johnson sought early on to profit heavily from their learned knowledge of financial institution's lending policies and procedures.  A learning that made particular lending establishments like BNC Mortgage, Option One and Countrywide Financial Services a major dumping grounds for their toxic real estate loans.  

In addition to the targeting of specific financial institutions that would later repackage these toxic loans for investments into the securitized markets of Wall Street investing, Johnson, Smith and Haycock Sr. became trendsetters in early 2005, for creating false market values throughout the state.  The inflated values were obtained through spec investor purchases that were later flipped in pyramid style schemes to incoming investors, often causing the same property to be repurchased multiple times at higher dollar amounts by different parties.  

The group also became somewhat infamous for their creation of wrap around mortgages - a way of increasing property values without the creation of real mortgages. 

Perfect Home Living would like to acknowledge the efforts of Scott Thorley of the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Utah; Gary L. Peterson of the Davis County Attorney's Office; Steve Hertzky Executive Producer KUTV-Channel 2; Bill Gephardt Investigative Reporter KUTV-Channel 2 and to the countless victims that were willing to take a stand when so many would not. 

Perfect Home Living is currently offering trainings about the internal operations of this enterprise and what made this particular group so successful at committing financial frauds.  For additional information please email trainingschedule@perfecthomeliving.com

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