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CBS KUTV Channel 2 Investigator Reporter Bill Gephardt Continues to Expose a Dirty Little Secret to Utah's Housing Boom (Part 2)  
By: Michael Blackburn
For Immediate Release
  The Real Estate Fraud Capital of the United States is Utah and media personality Bill Gephardt and CBS Affiliate KUTV Channel 2 continue to raise the bar to bring light to this troubling epidemic.      

Salt Lake City, UT / May 7, 2007 / Press Release / --  With a population of 2.6 million people, Utah has become known as the center of real estate fraud mania. 

The question is why?

Tonight world class media personality Bill Gephardt of CBS affiliate KUTV Channel 2 will examine a problem that is far reaching and plaguing neighborhoods all across the the great state of Utah. 

Although new laws have been enacted through actions spearheaded by Representative Paul Ray (R) Clinton, there has been little slow down to the boom of real estate fraud as the result articles published by local newspaper outlets that continue to paint Utah's real estate market as safe investments with great returns. 

"Tonight's story epitomizes one of the numerous types of fraud that consumers routinely report to our organization," says Sheri Fitzpatrick CEO of Perfect Home Living.  "The key to removing this growing epidemic from real estate markets is through proactive education campaigns and continued efforts by responsible media outlets like CBS that remain steadfast in their commitment to Utah and her consumers," Fitzpatrick continued.  

CBS affiliate KUTV Channel 2 will air a story tonight that asks the tough question of how a man from Oregon with an annual salary of only $50,000.00 was able to purchase a home allegedly valued at over $1 million dollars.

CBS affiliate KUTV Channel 2 will air its story tonight at 10:00 pm MST. 

To watch more of Bill Gephardt from CBS affiliate KUTV Channel 2 please click here. 

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